Travelling in your forties

Deciding to jack it all in and go off and see the world is an aspiration that many have. Some people assume that it’s something younger people want to do, and to a limited extent I think that is probably correct. The desire to travel might still be there but older folk are far more likely to have responsibilities. Kids, older parents, a mortgage, ill health and a career all factor in on the choice to consider long term travel.

Some of these cannot be avoided as a halt on your travel plans, but most can. People travel with their kids, sell or rent their houses and take a career break. Some even travel with ill health, because why not, you get one life so get out there and live it.

On these pages you will find some tips and inspiration on how to prepare for that big trip as an “more mature” member of society. If you are not ready to take that plunge yet, then hopefully my ramblings might inspire you to take that leap…