OK now it’s real!

So I quit my job yesterday. It wasn’t something I was expecting to appear on the list of things to do on a random Tuesday, but it happened anyway.

I had been negotiating a couple of alternative exit strategies involving going remote part time, a sabbatical or both, but they got pulled out from under me first thing in the morning, leaving me with the default of just quitting. I did it without much hesitation. My last day is the Friday before the UK late summer bank holiday, and the day before our leaving party in Manchester…which is nice.

This morning I gave notice on our flat in Manchester, and this afternoon we booked our first flights out of the UK, so we now have our own “brexit” September 11th. With luck ours will be much more positive.

Wait. What is this mixed bag of feelings? Fear, excitement, relief, disappointment, being overwhelmed. Given the magnitude of everything that has been happening this must be normal, but I wasn’t ready for it.

Fear – Quitting a job without having another to go to. I think this was a lesson my mother taught me pretty early on which goes someway to explain why it feels…well, wrong. I know it isn’t, but it still feels like that.

Excitement – Self explanatory

Relief – I had been dwelling on my exit from HPE for a few months. I have spent just over a decade there and most of it has been pretty decent. The options on how to exit had been weighing on me, not so much in which I preferred but just wanting to know when and how. I am a reasonably organised guy so the uncertainty was killing me.

Disappointment – Redundancy was one of the potential exit strategies. That didn’t happen. I didn’t win the lottery either so hey ho!

Overwhelmed – All of the above really, coupled with giving notice on the flat, and the multitude of boring admin tasks that need doing before we go.


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