What day is it again?

A month since my last post…really!? Lets see, what have we been up to…

A great deal of not very much for the most part. There has been a few beaches, some long walks, a bit of running and a fair bit of wine. There was also a rather delightful and unplanned trip to Nice.

We were originally planning to catch our Dubai flight from Lisbon, which would have meant jumping on a train from Faro for a couple of hours. As it turned out, all the flights were booked for the period we wanted to travel. We were left with a couple of options….return to the UK and hang around Birmingham airport for 18 hours and get the connection from there…or go to Nice for a couple of days. Given that I use the M6 toll at midnight to avoid even seeing Birmingham it was not much of a contest.

So Nice. Yeah Nice is nice. We basically had one full day there, so took a free walking tour in the morning to make sure we got the best out of it. One of the first things our guide informed us was that Nice was the second most visited city in France, and also the second most expensive (no prizes for guessing #1). We had already become aware of one of these facts the previous evening after sitting down at a cafe and realising that a beer was over £10 a pint (on a par with Dubai). The guide also said that the architecture has a great deal of Italian influence and that it was a lot like Turin…a quick dig back to 2011 on Onedrive reveals this is also quite true.

We managed to find a cracking little Thai restaurant that got a big thumbs up for quality and for wallet damage. We also broke our Hostel and cooking cherry here (we did take a private room though, so the dorms still await us in Singapore).

If you get a chance to go to Nice make sure you take the walk up to the castle (they call it that despite there being no actual castle there anymore). The view up there is tremendous, definitely worth the climb.

From Nice we have flown onto Dubai. As soon as I got on that plane I remembered why I love flying Emirates so much, the service is just amazing. Happily we are with them all the way to New Zealand now 🙂



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