Australia – Brisbane to Byron Bay.

We headed south again from Maryborough to Brisbane, where we traded our rental car in for a free (yes free!) campervan.

For those not in the know, a transfercar ( is where you agree to return a vehicle back to its original hire location after someone else has used it for a one way trip.

The Pom was pleased with his free wheels :)

The length of time you get the vehicle for is quite variable but we lucked out big time, and managed to get a hitop camper for 8 days for free (we paid $75 to extend by one day). All we had to do was get it from Brissy to Melbourne (well over 1000 miles). We have seen the same transfer down as low as 4 days, so be flexible and keep your eyes peeled if you want to try it.

Having already driven from Maryborough to Brissy in the morning and having to pick up and load the camper meant the drive to Byron Bay started later than I would have liked. We arrived at sunset, having skipped lunch, tired, annoyed at rush hour traffic, full of lurgy and without a reservation for a camp site. Really not ideal for bargain hunting or our mood! Tuna pasta and an early night it is then!

Byron Bay surfer

Morning brought with it plenty of sunshine and a much more positive attitude. We had a lot of driving ahead of us so didn’t linger too long, but did manage to get some exploring done for a few hours.

Onwards always onwards, next stop is a transit stop in Urunga. For now I’ll leave you with a picture of a funky chick..

Funky chicken

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