Australia- Blue Mountains

So 560 kilometres, passing countless roadkill and 8 hours later we arrived in Bulls camp reserve, a free campsite which is a gateway to the Blue Mountains. We had decided on a two night stay but needed to move to another site the following day as Bulls camp had a one night stay limit. The camp was clean, had a lot of people staying and even had a shower (cold). We settled in for the night and had a few glasses of vino and a rather decent curry prepared in the limited facilities of the camper.

Morning bought with it a short drive to Wentworth falls and a walk around them. It was spectacular.

Blue Mountains

There are several routes down to and past Wentworth falls that you can take. Some look pretty hair raising from a height perspective.

Wentworth falls

We opted for what turned out to be the cave walk. The path dropping under the precipice these last photos were taken from. I don’t think that the photos really convey the size of the area, or the height.

We ended up walking for a couple of hours before heading over to our second campsite in Katoomba.

We had seen (and heard!) the cockatoos all day but in our new campsite they were abundant, and quite tame.

In hindsight I would have liked to have had an extra day to explore, maybe taking a hike down into the rainforest below the falls. Alas we had to leave (becoming a common thing)

Next stop…Yass or somewhere nearby

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