Australia- Urunga

Our plan was to break the back of the journey to Melbourne in the first few days of our 9 day transfer. This would leave us free to stop at places longer if we found them more interesting. With that in mind we wanted to make it to the Blue Mountains outside Sydney asap.

So Urunga is a tiny speck of a town off the A1. It was marked as having a free rest stop so seemed like the ideal place to break the drive from Byron Bay to Sydney.

These free rest stops can be anything from a car park with a toilet to quite decent miniature campsite parks. This was the former, a car park under a rail bridge. What stood out with this place was the view….my word!

Not bad for free 🙂 the toilets were a bit on the “untidy” side but it was made up for by the location.

An early start was called for as we wanted to make it to the blue Mountains before sundown. Driving after sunset is really not advisable as the local wildlife are not very vehicle savvy and have a tendency to stand there and get run over. A fully grown Roo will make a bit of a mess of your bodywork…

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