Sucre, Bolivia

So it’s been a good few months since I posted. During that time we have covered New Zealand and Chile. I’m not going to go back over old ground as that is one of the reasons I’ve not posted, the to do pile just being far too large!

Perched at 2900 meters above sea level, Bolivia’s de facto capital provides a welcome drop in altitude if you are travelling north through the country (mostly 4000 masl prior to it). It has an abundance of Spanish language schools and some really nice bars and restaurants.

We chose to have 4 hours a day of Spanish lessons here, and can throughly recommend Open Spanish on Calle Potosi. 35 Bolivanos per hour per person when studying as a couple (about £3.50 each). The staff are super friendly, have a great sense of humour (necesario para mi!) and are very knowledgeable.

Food is bonkers cheap. A menu del dias lunch will set you back 25-40 Bolivianos for a 3-4 course meal (yes, £2.50 to £4!!). It’s really hard to actually cook your own meals for less. Take out beer is about 10 bob, while a pint in a bar might set you back 20 (£2).

Public transport is very budget friendly. A bus journey back from town will cost you 15 pence. A taxi might be as much as 50 pence. As always, agree the fare up front.

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