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Cashback sites

These sites offer cashback to you when you shop through them. It normally takes a bit of time to get the money but it does add up.

I particularly like TopCashBack, and if you are using,,, or it is a no brainer. It’s not just limited to accommodation either. Car hire, flights, lounge access and insurance to name but a few of the other sources of cashback available.

For example, the hostelworld cashback offer gives you 42% of your deposit back in cash. The deposit is normally around 20% of the total bill so in effect its around 8-9% of your nights accommodation. All you have to do is book the hostel through the topcashback websites referral link. Easy.

Sounds good right? Well you can sign up right here using this link. You will get £5 for signing up and I get in on the action as well.

More mature. Apparently.

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