Unless you are a beast of burden you are going to want to have a travel towel. Our bathroom varieties are too large and take FAR too long to dry. They also have a tendency to whiff after a few days.

Here I review two. The one I use and the one my better half uses. They are both almost the same size when in use, but a different to use and pack down to different sizes.

Lifeventure SoftFibre large

This is the lighter and when packed down is the smaller of the two. It also feels least like a regular towel and you will need to adopt the squeegee technique when drying yourself off. Use your hands to rid most of the surface water from your body before drying with this towel, otherwise it gets really wet, really fast. It really does take some getting used to but the space saving is significant. Opened up this one is 150x80cm, it occupies 848 cm3 packed and weighs in dry at 280 grams. It is also the faster drying of the two.

You can pick one of these up from around £20 at Amazon.

Mountain Warehouse Micro Toweling large

Slightly heavier and larger when packed down, this one feels much more like a regular towel. It’s not the same though, so don’t expect miracle absorbency. You might avoid much of the squeegee technique when using this as it does absorb more water, but it really depends how long your hair is and if you want to towel dry it. Opened up its 150×85 cm and its occupies 2600 cm3 packed. It weighs in at 400g and takes longer to dry. Is a bit more home comfort worth nearly 2 litres of storage…that is one you will have to answer yourself.

You can pick one of these up for around £18 from Amazon

More mature. Apparently.

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